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A Guide to Cryptocurrency

Coming soon is our guide to cryptocurrency, explaining how bitcoin and blockchain technology works and can be integrated into any business model.

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About Us

About Us

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are changing the way businesses of all sizes operate. Today, many businesses are born global. This is a result of disruptive internet technology which affords us greater communication than ever witnessed before in human history. In this environment, technology must be utilized as a competitive advantage to keep businesses ahead of the curve and their competitors. We are a trusted digital currency consultation firm that helps businesses of all sizes to integrate bitcoin and blockchain technology into an existing business structure. From private blockchains to bitcoin payroll systems, we do it all!

Full Dedication

Transparency and accountability throughout every step of the process.

Save More Cash

Save money by making your business processes more efficient.


Every project is presented with elegance. Form matches function.

Completely Mobile

Just like you, we are mobile. Using technology, we can work with businesses anywhere!



Our services include anything from consulting on strategy for integrating bitcoin/blockchain technology into your business model to actually helping you implement these initiatives. Want to accept bitcoin on your site? We have your back. Want to pay your employees in bitcoin? We've got you covered. Need a strategy to enter the bitcoin space with some creative press or copy? No worries, talk to us. Then let us handle it for you. We improve your bottom line while helping you stay innovative. Stay ahead of the game.

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Let us design a strategy for implementing bitcoin and blockchain technology into your current business model.


We can develop and implement code for your business. We create custom websites, applications, cryptocurrencies and permissioned/private blockchains.


We can help you position yourself in the bitcoin space.

Current Projects

Current Projects

Our current projects. We are always innovating.




Our startup pricing starts small to accomodate entrepreneurs.

Growth Mode

You're not quite a startup, yet not quite an enterprise either. You're in the middle zone. No worries, we've got you covered here as well.


Bigger and better then ever.

The Team

The Team

Meet the highly skilled people behind the science. These guys live and breathe the blockchain. Our team members have diverse backgrounds and expertise in multiple industries, ranging from banking to technology.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Give us a call or an email. We want to hear from you. Your business and profits matter.


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